The pearl of the table, white gold - Mozarella di Bufala
Campana.  One of the Denominazione di Origine Protetta cheeses of Italy, it is made under strict regulation controlling how the cheese is made and where it is from to ensure the highest quality product.

Many of our customers are surprised to see cheese made from water buffalo, but this is actually a milk used to produce cheese for over a thousand years in Italy, and longer elsewhere in the world.
Water buffalo come from southeast Asia - there is no definitive answer as to how water buffalo arrived in Italy, but the consensus is that the Arabs brought them to Sicily, and then eventually to the Italian peninsula.

The buffalo milk is higher in fat content than cow’s milk, which in turn yields an extra rich and flavorful cheese.  The curds are cut and stretched gently by hand, and then formed into a ball, placed in water and air shipped to us to ensure the freshest product.  

Mozzarella di Bufala is softer than standard mozzarella, and has a creamier feel and fuller flavor.  It is not meant to be grated - instead, it can be gently sliced and placed across a pizza, caprese salad or just on a cheese board.  
Drizzle with extra virgin olive oil, sprinkle with some sea salt and fresh ground pepper, and enjoy with fresh garden tomatoes and basil - the absolutely perfect meal to enjoy on a beautiful summer day.

We carry Mozzarella di Bufala all summer long, and occasionally throughout the winter months.  Primarily we work with Luigi Guffanti and Casa Madaio - renowned producers of the highest quality cheese.  
$9.95 for a half pound ball, which is suitable for a couple pizzas or salads.  

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