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Old Quebec 8 Year Cheddar
  • Old Quebec 8 Year Cheddar
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Old Quebec 8 Year Cheddar - is currently on backorder. You may still purchase now though and we'll ship as soon as more become available.

Extra Aged Cheddar - Raw Cow's Milk - Quebec, Canada - Vegetarian Rennet

If you like sharp cheddar, this cheese is sure to please.  Made from high quality milk and carefully aged in climate controlled facilities for an astonishing 8 years, the cheese develops a crumbly texture and powerful bite.  Unlike many inferior aged cheddars, this cheese does not have any "bitter" notes.  Crunchy crystallized bits abound, giving the cheese a very enjoyable mouthfeel.  

Enjoy this one on its own, or with sweet honey or figs, which balance out the sharp flavor. 

     Wine Pairing:  Pairs best with rich white wines, particularly semi-sweet Riesling.  For a red, try something with a bit of oak- a Bordeaux or aged Rioja.  Dessert wines also pair nicely with a very sharp, but sweet, cheddar.